Here we are, just a mere six days into the presidency of Donald J. Trump. What have we learned so far?  Let’s begin with the most trivial lesson first. THANKS CNN! Obama’s 2009 inauguration crowd was larger than Trump’s. SHOCKER! Based upon his reaction to the Park Service Tweet that was seen as shade  by everyone other than the media, we also learned that Trump continues to not appreciate snarky attempts to undermine his presidency. We also found out that the media continues to enjoy poking bears, but not the whole being mauled by a bear thing. This was made evident by the wall to wall coverage of the crowd size controversy which I will lovingly refer to as MinutiaeGate and the subsequent pearl clutching when Trump dared to respond. Other topics related to MinutiaeGate were, Illegal Voting(which I will go into in another paragraph), the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, the VIOLATION of the pen ceremony protocol(Hilarious), the incorrect date on an inauguration photo to be hung in the press room(MASTER LEVEL Trolling), and last but not least Melania’s fading smile, which was clearly a sign that she is a prisoner who needs to be rescued. The fact that the “The Atlantic” had an expert analyze the video for signs of abuse, is so ludicrous that it borders on insanity.

Aside from MinutiaeGate, real news is coming out of the Trump administration every ten minutes. Trump has been signing executive orders, meeting with leaders, and directing agencies at a breakneck pace. A strategy which Scott Adams has explained in a piece called Outrage Dilution which is both brilliant and accurate. Not only is Trump moving at a pace that  makes every other incoming administration look like golf obsessed buffoons who simply used the oval office as a fancy place to play solitaire. He is also cashing in on campaign promises that the media has been saying he was never serious about. Apparently, Trump wasn’t kidding, but the media was so convinced that he was a con-man that they didn’t even bother to prepare responses to these promises becoming reality. This has left them frantically running around writing “what does this mean?” articles. As if to say that it is the public’s job to analyze the news and report back with well sourced analysis, instead of the other way around. Here is a list of some of the things we have already seen coming out of the administration, and I will talk more specifically about a few of them.

  • Preparations for the Border Wall’s Construction
  • Federal Employee Hiring Freeze
  • Preliminary Obamacare Repeal EO
  • Defunding Foreign Abortions
  • Defunding Sanctuary Cities
  • Reducing Regulations
  • Told Government Departments to SHUT UP on twitter
  • Said he will launch an investigation into illegal voting
  • Set TPP on fire and then danced around its burning corpse
  • Resumed construction on Dakota Pipeline
  • Meetings, Meetings, Meetings… Praise, Praise, Praise

Let’s take a moment and acknowledge that in the history of presidents, there has never been a POTUS that has so perfectly trolled the media at every turn. Enter stage left, the investigation into illegal voting. As you will remember, this was a big deal when he made this claim before and soon after the election. It was greeted with scorn from the media in both cases but was quickly forgotten as they jumped from one “guaranteed” method of stopping Trump from becoming president to the next(Hint: He is President). When he first made mention of his belief in large numbers of illegal votes being cast. It was argued by Scott Adams that his outrageous figure of three million was a ploy to change the topic from “illegal voting is a myth!” to “it happens but it isn’t three million!”. Scott argued that the facts didn’t matter, the focus and attention would shine a light on a problem that was largely dismissed because everyone assumed that it’s effect was negligible. During this time Trump had expressed an interest in launching an investigation into illegally cast votes, which was met with great hostility from the media. Flash forward to week one of the Trump  administration, in a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders(which Trump already knows leak information like a sieve that Ted Nugent uses for target practice) Donald said yet again that he believed that 3-5 million people voted illegally. Why would he do this when he knows Democrats are immediately going to run to the press? I believe the reason is two-fold. The first reason is to provide himself with ammunition to use as leverage for future closed-door meetings. A stern boss would say that if information leaks to the press from closed door meetings in the future there will be consequences. In this case the information was something he had already said publicly and was not damaging to his image. Trump knows that in the future there will be information that he DOES NOT want leaking out and that it could be damaging to his agenda. I believe that the second layer to this move was a giant bear trap for the press. Immediately after the information was leaked, the media outlets DEMANDED that he provide proof of the claim. Most pundits, hoping to shame Trump, were more than willing to publicly call for him to launch an investigation. And there you have it. If President Trump had said that he wanted to launch an investigation into illegally cast votes he would have been HAMMERED into oblivion by the press. The press would never have let Trump get away with launching an investigation(that he already wanted to do) into voter fraud as long as it was his idea. Grab some popcorn and take a seat, this is MASTER LEVEL media manipulation and we have four years more years of it to watch with great anticipation.

My analysis of the executive order to re-instate the Mexico City policy is that for Trump it is a win, win, win. First he gets to prove to his base that he is indeed serious about his pro-life stance. Secondly it educates his base about what they would perceive as wasteful foreign spending that they didn’t even know existed(I didn’t). Above and beyond that, it begs the question, What else are we paying for that we don’t know about?  Third and most importantly it is about abortion. ANYTHING related to abortion is immediately brought to the very top of the talking points pile. When you are trying to prove to your base that you are serious about their issues, you want it to be impossible to ignore. Abortion is impossible for ANYONE to ignore and neither are the other points I made when they are attached to an explosive issue. The only thing about this move that wouldn’t be considered a win, is how pissed off the women who just arrived home from marching down the streets of D.C. in pussy hats and costumes would be, but I think it goes without saying that the left will be in a constant state of hysteria for the next 8 years.

My final analysis will be brief. Trump’s silencing of governmental department’s social media accounts and press releases is a non-story and temporary. Which is why it is so funny to watch the reaction of the press and those on social media. Watching the narrative play out on CNN that the first thing a new Hitler would do is silence a national park’s twitter feed is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in a very long time. Equally hilarious is watching the parks themselves mount a resistance by creating new accounts so they “can’t be silenced”. To me it is like a person live streaming a herd of buffalo and when they stop streaming to use the restroom, everyone(who weren’t watching to begin with) claims that all buffalo related information is lost forever. IT’S A PARK. Furthermore if you get all your scientific information from a National Park’s twitter feed, you have deeper problems for which you should seek professional help.

If this is what the first week of a Donald Trump presidency looks like, we are definitely in for a treat for the next four years!