I request that you, just for a moment set aside, all facts that you know to be true and join in a short thought experiment. Note that the “Facts” in this experiment are not up for debate. I have not used any facts that are in dispute but widely recognized and backed up by personal accounts of people who know him personally and professionally.

Here we go.

One day, you find yourself reading a blog post about a businessman who has over the course of his life ran a string of successful businesses. Successful enough that his name is known worldwide and the industries in which he is involved are greatly diversified. This man, while not successful in every business, has accumulated and maintained a vast fortune. The man has a seemingly lovely and well-adjusted family and a wife that after immigrating to this country has settled into the admirable role of raising their son. This man has been supportive of his daughter’s conversion to Judaism because of her Jewish husband but maintains his modest faith as a protestant. Throughout his years of business he has employed a wide array of people from many different religious backgrounds, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations. He has consistently put women and minorities in to very prominent positions within his companies and has paid them fairly. In business this man is known for his blunt and direct approach to communication, often to the point of being called unkind, and abrasive. In private he is known to be charismatic, kind, respectful, generous, and warm. Throughout his career he has been known to support a wide variety of politicians on both sides of the isles and has also been known to evolve his political positions when presented with new information. Very few of his beliefs are not subject to debate, save his love of country, family, and his commitment to hard work.

The Blog then moves on to a point by point detailing of a vast conspiracy of corruption, greed, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, white supremacy, homophobia, sexual assault, and general bigotry perpetrated in secret by this man. The secret has been kept for nearly 40 years from friends, family, business associates, employees, and the press. A conspiracy so large and so deep that this man has ascended to the presidency where his intention is to place all muslims on lists and then into internment camps. He then intends to break up Latino families and deport them all back to Mexico because they are all rapists,murderers, and criminals. Meanwhile during all of this he intends to inflict violence upon the Black Community through the use of his followers. Calling upon the nation to join him from under the white hood of Nationalism. His hatred for minorities will only be rivaled by his hatred for disgusting women. He will removed a womans right to choose an abortion and will instead doom women to die from botched abortions and complications from pregnancy, while simultaneously reducing the wages that women are allowed to earn in the workplace. The LGBTQ community will be in hiding from the administrations forced conversion therapy protocols and gangs of white supremacists roam the streets beating jews, blacks, muslims, and gays that have not yet been deported or imprisoned. The gangs with the full backing of the president and his cabinet will have impunity to commit violence in the community. The press will be unable to speak out against these crimes as his calling out of detractors on twitter will morph into the jailing of journalists and the silencing of media outlets by state sponsored police violence. Protesters will be jailed and held without trial and the voice of opposition will merely be a whimper from the Gulag. This is what America will become.

Here is the question… Pretend for a moment that this is not about Donald Trump…

Is there any way that you would believe this conspiracy theory? Would it be convincing enough to scare you? Would you share this blog with your friends? Would you mobilize in protest?


Would it give you pause that the first paragraph was so strikingly different from the conclusions of the second? Would it give you pause that the evidence cited is innuendo and loosely based upon circumstantial evidence? Would it give you pause that his stances on issues has evolved in the course of a year and don’t remain steadfast and unbending? Would you dismiss this blog as out of touch with the reality of the man you are looking at from day-to-day?