No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA. This anthem blasts out to a venue filled to the brim with Hollywood elites, fashion icons, and the very top tier of American wealth and prosperity. Thunderous applause fills the air as the crowd chants along with all the exuberance of a high school locker room celebration. Waves of approval and confirmation that the cause is both just and true sets the room ablaze with excitement. As the performance ends the audience gets up from their seats and congratulates each other on how progressive and righteous they have become. From this day forward, no one will ever question themselves or feel bad about who they are because of things they can’t control. We are exercising the demons of self-doubt, bigotry, racism, sexism, and hatred! They head home to release their nannies from the job of raising their children, to a rapid fire of questions. Why are white people so racist daddy? Why do they hate women so much? When will they stop all the hatred? And the simple response is to these tiny biological copy/paste machines is that they need to be educated and cured of their ignorance.

Meanwhile, far away from the deafening noise of progress and virtue signaling sits a very different but equally powerful group of activists. They sit silently and watch as the play unfolds. The story of a group of hateful white immigrants forcibly removing indigenous people from their sacred land, and the slaughter of innocent natives while their new overlords rape and pillage the land, stripping away every resource until the land is scarred for eternity. Only for a moment do these white devils pause ever so slightly, to share a feast with the people they intend to murder and enslave. As the scene ends two vastly different audiences have a brief but powerful shared experience. Thunderous applause, not for the content of the message, but instead for the bearers of the message, their young sons and daughters. As the parents leave the auditorium, they collect their young and make their way to into the frigid air and head for home. A home that is a much more realistic stage than the auditorium ever was, where the drama of real life unfolds, unscripted and without a finished ending. Why did we do those things daddy?  Why are we so mean? What is wrong with us? This is where the second audience ceases to be a group of parents proud of their children and must reluctantly assume the role of activist. The world is much more complicated than the school play. Many of the native people were not as nice as you read in that book. Many of the people that came here were escaping persecution of their own and simply wanted a better life. Their is nothing wrong with us, some people did bad things and we can’t change that, but we can choose for ourselves right now how we will behave. 

On November 8th 2016 we put the first audience on notice, no longer are we silently watching the play unfold for fear of spoiling the show. No longer are we merely activists in our own homes. We are united with purpose and strength of will. This country was built on the backs of immigrants of all nationalities and creeds and furthermore the mistakes of the past leave us all with blood on our hands. The time for self-hatred and forefathers shaming is over. We must be willing to acknowledge the mistakes of all people’s, past and present, without agenda and likewise celebrate the achievements that have been made by a deeply flawed human race.  The very existence of a dialog between people with so many reasons to hate each other is a credit to every generation that lead up to this date. The slow and steady pace of progress must not be stiffled by the boot of censorship and revisionist history.

A section of society that hates itself will only seek to relieve the burden, by placing it upon another.

Free speech and open discussion must take place on every street corner in every town. I have the right to offend and you have right to be offended. No one should be shielded or protected from the harsh realities that lie in the human heart. Ideas must be debated openly and shared freely without blame or judgement, not shared in secret for fear of being shouted down and dismissed. The bubble must be broken and the echo chamber shattered. Uncomfortable truths must be shouted from the rooftops and written on ever chalkboard. We must speak in terms that are well defined and founded upon a shared knowledge of reality, not buzzwords and hearsay that only confuse the discussion. Our science must untainted, and free from political motivation or personal stake in the results. Truth and reason must be currency that drives the commerce of ideas, and the passion and hunger for its inherent value must surpass the drive for wealth. If we succeed in this aim we will see a new wave of prosperity built not upon what makes us different but upon what makes us the same. A new day where I can say something you don’t like and instead of a violent clash of idealisms we find common ground and learn from each other’s experiences.